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NFL Playoff Predictions: Giants at Dallas

The Giants lost their last regular season game, but it seems like it could have been the best thing that has happened to the team since Eli Manning stopped sucking all the time. While the Buccaneers rested their starters and then came out to play last week’s game against New York, but not until they woke up in the fourth quarter, the Giants were ready from the get-go and now they have the confidence of a team that feels like they can beat any team in the league. So, will that happen in Dallas? Can Eli win two playoff games in a row?

One thing that would certainly help their cause would be for Terrible Omens to be sidelined with that high ankle sprain from a few weeks ago. Chances? Slim. As one of our FanYard members, Maize, said about TO, “If he has spent the past three weeks trying to learn tight-rope walking over the jungles of Costa Rica, living off a diet of raw vegetables and nuts in the rain forest surrounding one of the big volcanoes, and catches a flight on Sunday morning back to Dallas where he hitchhikes to the stadium and does not even get time to shower, he will still be on the field for the first play his offense has in this game.”

Could not have said it better myself.

The rest of the FanYard crew has spoken as well, and they seem to mostly think that Tony Romo will be able to stop thinking about Jessica Simpson long enough to lead America’s Team to victory. The Yardstick for the game favors the Cowboys to win by three points, with only 39% believing the Giants will get another road win. Mmmm…America. Only here can Jessica Simpson become a prop for a sportsbook and a reason to read about football all in the same day. Thanks to Football Jabber for pointing that out to us.



***With ten minutes left in the game, the Indianapolis Colts just scored to go ahead of the San Diego Chargers by a score of 24-21 and Philip Rivers sat out the last series with an injured leg, it looked like. Bob Sanders was injured earlier, so that outta even things out, right? Yeah, right. Sanders is back on the field and the Chargers need Billy Volek to prove me wrong. Oh, yeah, and LaDainian Tomlinson is out, too. So, basically, it is Billy Volek and Chris Chambers trying beat the Colts now. Best of luck, guys.***

***UPDATE: Wow! The Chargers went downfield and scored to go up 28-24, led by Billy Volek and Michael Turner, and the Chargers held off the Indianapolis Colts in the last game to be played at the RCA Dome to win the game. The Chargers are in the AFC Championship game in New England next week, and the Patriots have to love the physical toll this game took on San Diego. A very surprised congrats to Norv Turner. 92% of FanYard said the Colts would win and the Yardstick for the game favored the Colts by eight.***


Favre, Romo, TO…Driver?

Still, the Yardstick for the Packers at Cowboys game sways like a flag in the NFC air. It is favoring the Packers now by one point, again. I can’t wait to see this one play out. That’s right, I can’t wait. In fact, I am going to teleport into the future…now. Alright, maybe later.

If any of you want your own sports blog-type thing, or would like to set up a page of your own on a site, where you can filter in sports info and news on teams, players, cities and more, you should check out FanNation. I went in there yesterday, just looking around, and before I knew it, I had set up a personal blog, a FanYard group blog and had written two posts. That was before I even knew what I was doing, really. It is pretty cool, and all free. Check it out. It has Sports Illustrated and CNN behind it, so you know it is going to be around for a while. And with the filtered info you get, your picks might get even better on FanYard. Win – win situation, really.


Week Six FanYard vs. Pyle of List Results

Well, I am back on top after using the Yardstick as my guideline again this week! Still, the lead is not a comfortable one at just 4.5 points after six weeks. Back to Pyle of List for the Week 7 predictions, coming up this weekend! See the original NFL Week 6 Picks by clicking that link behind you.

BB: Ravens by 6 over Rams
JP: Ravens by 4 over Rams

Ravens win by 19. Winner: Blake. I called a shutout, but the Ravens allowed a field goal. Still, the Yardstick was closer than Jon’s call.

BB: Chargers by 7 over Raiders
JP: Chargers by 2 over Raiders

Chargers win by 14. Winner: Blake. The Yardstick of seven was halfway to being right on.

BB: Bengals by 5 over Chiefs
JP: Bengals by 6 over Chiefs

Chiefs win by 7. No winner, even though the Yardstick for this game had begun to fall, and was down to three by kickoff.

BB: Bears by 3 over Vikings
JP: Bears by 1 over Vikings

Vikings win by 3. No winner. Adrian Peterson won this game almost single-handedly.

BB: Patriots by 7 over Cowboys
JP: Patriots by 11 over Cowboys

Patriots win by 21. Winner: JP, and the Yardstick had even fallen by game time to six. No more doubting the Pats, mmm’kay? And next time little TO says to get your popcorn ready, he means to add, “- and go rent a movie, cuz I got nuthin’ for ya.”

BB: Titans by 3 over Bucs
JP: Titans by 7 over Bucs

Bucs win by 3. No winner. If only we’d known about Young’s quad and not forgotten about Garcia’s heart.

BB: Browns by 6 over Dolphins
JP: Browns by 7 over Dolphins

Browns win by 10. Winner: Jon was not only closer, but the Yardstick had also fallen for this game by kickoff, to five for the Browns.

BB: Jags by 3 over Texans
JP: Jags by 3 over Texans

Jags win by 20. Winner: Both!

BB: Seahawks by 5 over Saints
JP: Saints by 1 over Seahawks

Saints win by 11. Winner: Jon. Nice call by JP. Unfortunately, the game put me to sleep shortly after kickoff and I have not bothered to see what happened.

BB: Packers by 3 over Redskins
JP: Redskins by 3 over Packers

Packers win by 3. Winner: Blake. Dead on Yardstick for this game!

BB: Eagles by 5 over Jets
JP: Jets by 8 over Eagles

Eagles win by 7. Winner: Blake, even though the Yardstick had fallen to 3 by kickoff.

BB: Cardinals by 3 over Panthers
JP: Cardinals by 4 over Panthers

Panthers win by 15. No winner.

BB: Giants by 7 over Falcons
JP: Giants by 1 over Falcons

Giants win by 21. Winner: Blake. Wow, the best looking player in that game for Atlanta was Harrington and they’ve benched him because his receivers suck. Oh, and Tony Kornholer says he bets offshore all the time.

Week 6 Points-
BB: 5 1/2
JP: 3 1/2

Total Points-
BB: 21.5
JP: 17

Week 5 Record-
BB: 8-5
JP: 7-6

Overall Record-
BB: 36-21
JP: 32-25

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