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NFL Playoff Predictions: Giants at Dallas

The Giants lost their last regular season game, but it seems like it could have been the best thing that has happened to the team since Eli Manning stopped sucking all the time. While the Buccaneers rested their starters and then came out to play last week’s game against New York, but not until they woke up in the fourth quarter, the Giants were ready from the get-go and now they have the confidence of a team that feels like they can beat any team in the league. So, will that happen in Dallas? Can Eli win two playoff games in a row?

One thing that would certainly help their cause would be for Terrible Omens to be sidelined with that high ankle sprain from a few weeks ago. Chances? Slim. As one of our FanYard members, Maize, said about TO, “If he has spent the past three weeks trying to learn tight-rope walking over the jungles of Costa Rica, living off a diet of raw vegetables and nuts in the rain forest surrounding one of the big volcanoes, and catches a flight on Sunday morning back to Dallas where he hitchhikes to the stadium and does not even get time to shower, he will still be on the field for the first play his offense has in this game.”

Could not have said it better myself.

The rest of the FanYard crew has spoken as well, and they seem to mostly think that Tony Romo will be able to stop thinking about Jessica Simpson long enough to lead America’s Team to victory. The Yardstick for the game favors the Cowboys to win by three points, with only 39% believing the Giants will get another road win. Mmmm…America. Only here can Jessica Simpson become a prop for a sportsbook and a reason to read about football all in the same day. Thanks to Football Jabber for pointing that out to us.



***With ten minutes left in the game, the Indianapolis Colts just scored to go ahead of the San Diego Chargers by a score of 24-21 and Philip Rivers sat out the last series with an injured leg, it looked like. Bob Sanders was injured earlier, so that outta even things out, right? Yeah, right. Sanders is back on the field and the Chargers need Billy Volek to prove me wrong. Oh, yeah, and LaDainian Tomlinson is out, too. So, basically, it is Billy Volek and Chris Chambers trying beat the Colts now. Best of luck, guys.***

***UPDATE: Wow! The Chargers went downfield and scored to go up 28-24, led by Billy Volek and Michael Turner, and the Chargers held off the Indianapolis Colts in the last game to be played at the RCA Dome to win the game. The Chargers are in the AFC Championship game in New England next week, and the Patriots have to love the physical toll this game took on San Diego. A very surprised congrats to Norv Turner. 92% of FanYard said the Colts would win and the Yardstick for the game favored the Colts by eight.***


Patriots to Play Game Against God

Not really, but it would certainly make for more of a contest. Now that Peyton Manning looks human without a bevy of stars to throw to and Pittsburgh has regained their inconsistency, there would appear to be no true challenger in the AFC.

What about the NFC? Hmmm, we won’t know about Green Bay until the Super Bowl, but we do know that the Cowboys are merely strutting their stuff in vain. Not only did New England dismantle the ‘Boys in their own home, but they showed Terrible Omens and the rest of the league that they can destroy teams in whatever manner they like…even if it is just to show up a showboat like TO.

To wit: You know very well that Tom Brady and Randy Moss went into Buffalo tonight telling each other that they would take the wind out of TO’s sails by having just as good of a game as TO had in the scoring department. But they would do it in one half. When the opportunity presented itself for Moss to also go out and play DB on a Hail Mary pass at the end of the fist half…that was just the icing on the cake they were throwing in TO’s face on national TV.


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Don Shula No F***in’ Patriot Himself

Apparently Don Shula believes that the Pats are good enough to go undefeated, but believes they should have a asterisk beside their record for this season if they do match the feat only one other team has done: Shula’s 1972 Dolphins went 14-0 during the regular season on their way to a Super Bowl victory.

This is what the crotchety old man says, “The Spygate thing has diminished what they’ve accomplished. You would hate to have that attached to your accomplishments. They’ve got it. I guess it will be noted that the Patriots were fined and a No. 1 draft choice was taken away during that year of accomplishment.” (Source: ESPN) Such truthiness, Don. Well done.


I can understand why Shula would feel this way, as maybe back then none of the teams ‘cheated’ by using cameras and whatever else they could get hold of to see the other teams’ calls. Maybe they never thought of it, or maybe the technology did not exist.

Well, now it does exist, and teams are allowed to use pretty much anything at their disposal, except they are not allowed to film the other sideline themselves. They can use NFL Films footage and audio, still pictures, which are taken incessantly, among all the other technologies not covered in the NFL Rules tome.

For the most part, the NFL had to make a rule drawing a line in the sand, not so much because having their own video would give a team an advantage, but just to stop the act of watching the opponent’s coaching staff before it went too far. One can imagine if there were no rules, teams would have their own ‘reporters’ standing in the faces of opposing coaches, and that would just get ugly.

Before one judges the Pats on this whole nonsense, think why no other coach has said a word about it. It is because they all have done it, and don’t want it to come up again. You think the Pats’ videos was all that was burned when the league decided the whole scandal was finished and done with?

I would be willing to bet a lot of coaches had either a burning party or a burying party when they removed the footage they themselves had taken of their opponents. Not wanting to rock the boat, no one says a word. Everyone hopes it will just go away, which it should.

The people who just need something to hate on will continue to rag on the whole issue, but those are the type of people with whom talking is like clapping with one hand. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use of reason as to administer medication to the dead.”

So, in closing note, while beating this dead horse, it should be noted – to use Shula’s preference of words – that Shula’s Dolphins were themselves charged with tampering in 1970:

The fine? Loss of a 1st-round draft pick.

The crime? Tampering with the Colts by hiring away their coach…Don Shula.

I’m just checking Don’s career records now, looking for his asterisk…


I am sure the irony is not lost on the Don that his old team is very likely to become just the second team ever to go winless in a season in the same year that another team could very well become just the second after his old team to go undefeated. Man, that must bite. I bet he really wants to have something of value to add to the conversation. *Meh*

This coming Sunday, the Miami Dolphins (0-8) are at home to the Buffalo Bills (4-4) in Week 10, in what could be one of their last real chances for one win this year. The Yardstick as of now calls for a Bills win by at least a field goal.

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Tom Brady’s Record Day

Wow. I can’t say I am too surprised, but it is crazy to see a quarterback like Tom Brady – with three Super Bowl rings already to his name at the age of 30 – who set his personal best with five touchdown passes just last week, have five GD TDs in the first half of this game today. The 6-0 Patriots at the 0-6 Miami Dolphins. It is the biggest mismatch in a couple decades, yes, but…again, wow. 42-7 at the half. Will they keep blasting away? Can they set the record for points in a game? According to the NFL Record and Fact Book (which contains many mistakes, at least the online version, by the way), the record is 72.

Here comes the second half…


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