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Dallas Cowboys: Will They Keep Jason Garrett or Wade Phillips?

According to a report on ESPN, the Baltimore Ravens have asked Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett to be their new head coach after they fired Brian Billick for being out of his league and living on undeserved accolades from years ago. Word on the street says that Garrett has yet to make a decision.

I have a feeling he won’t have to: Jerry Jones will offer him the head coaching job with the Cowboys if he will stay on, firing Wade Phillips in the process.

Now, this is all on gut feeling and I know there are others out there who feel the same way, especially after the Cowboys became the first top NFC team to lose in the Divisional round of the playoffs in modern-day NFL history. Someone has to pay for that, and the top man has proven himself to be, like Marty Schottenheimer, a postseason loser.

Phillips is now 0-4 in the playoffs. Marty has won five games in the postseason, but he has had 18 chances – and two of those wins came with Joe Montana and Marcus Allen playing together for the Chiefs. I have those games on tape and I am pretty sure they just stopped listening to Marty in order to win. If that was the case, Schottenheimer has not won a playoff game on his own merits since 1990. That’s only 18 years, right? Yeah, he’ll get another chance real soon. Madness.

Even Phillips has admitted that he was surprised to get another shot at being an NFL head coach after his sessions of futility while masquerading as the head coach of the Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills made it abundantly clear – apparently to anyone not named Jerry Jones – that giving Wade Phillips command of an NFL team is simply to watch the Peter Principle play out before your eyes. It is a waste of the talents of people like Tony Romo and Terrell Owens, and no one wants to see Owens all teary-eyed. (By no one, I mean everyone except Cowboys fans; and I especially mean fans of the 49ers and Eagles.)


The article linked to in the previous paragraph talks about Norv Turner, the first-year head coach in San Diego, who is going to give an excellent example of an entire team displaying the meaning of the Peter Principle when the Chargers visit New England this weekend to play the undefeated Patriots on their home turf, Gillette Field.

Still, hats off to Turner for getting his team into the AFC Championship game. He has made some great calls in these playoffs and pretty much everything has panned out very well for him. Color me surprised, but happily so. I love being wrong about someone sucking. I want everyone in the NFL to be great. How could you not, as a fan?

Anyway, read what 41 Miles To Freedom says about the hiring of Wade Phillips in Dallas back in July of last year and you’ll get a glimpse into the thought processes that can sway an otherwise sound mind into the illogical notion that, “Hey, maybe Phillips will do just fine.”

So, now Jerry Jones has two choices, really. Both of which will cause him at least a measure of stress and losing face. He can keep Phillips and lose Garrett in the process; a decision that will bring the ire of intelligent football fans from throughout the Lone Star State. Or, he can cut Phillips and make Garrett his new head coach; in effect admitting that he should probably have hired Garrett instead of Phillips last year.

While the second option will placate the fans, at least for now – such a fickle bunch are they – perhaps Jones is smarter than we know. It is entirely possible that, like the four other head coaches mentioned in this piece, Garrett will not be a good head coach and Jones knows this. After all, not many people have been around football and management as long as Jones. (Don’t bring up the obviously insane Al Davis.)

Still, Garrett would only have to be better than Wade Phillips to be the better choice and that can’t be all that hard. Phillips seems to have brought the fun back to the Cowboys and Garrett is given tons of credit for bringing their level of play up a notch. Solution: Keep both, but have Phillips as a sort of team leader / cheerleader-type thing.

This story should be interesting however it plays out.



Purple Jesus vs. Da Bears


With under an hout til kickoff in the Bears at Vikings Monday Night Football game, the Yardstick favors the Vikings by one touchdown. Rookie sensation running back Adrian Peterson – known to some as Purple Jesus – who gained just three yards last week against the 49ers, has decided he will again wear a brace on his knee, which was injured earlier this season.

Even though Peterson missed a couple games with his knee injury, he needs just 118 yards this evening in order to regain the NFL rushing yards lead. His 6.1 yards per carry by far exceeds that of any other starting back in the NFL.

Peterson said the brace did not affect his ability to run, rather the corner blitzes the Niners threw at him were the reason for his poor production. The Bears will throw much of the same at him this week, so it will be very interesting to see how the Vikings adapt.

You’ll be hearing the name Adrian Peterson more tonight than most any name in any other game. Why? In a weird, little twist, the Bears also have a pretty good running back playing tonight. His name? Adrian Peterson.

Get your picks in for Week 16.


Upset Week in the NFL

Lots of upsets this week, starting with the Thursday night game when the Houston Texans beat the Denver Broncos 31-13, then continuing last night when Shaun Hill stepped up in his first NFL start to lead the 49ers to a 20-13 victory over the Bengals. The Yardstick had called for three- and seven-point wins for the Broncos and Bengals, respectively.

Today, the trend went on.

The Panthers beat the NFC West-champion Seahawks 13-10, an indication of the weakness of the NFC West division in general. Then, the Miami Dolphins scored on a 64-yard toucgdown pass by Cleo Lemon in OT to beat the Ravens and grab their first victory of the 2007 NFL season. Should Billick be fired?

In Pittsburgh, in the wind and snow, the Jacksonville Jaguars ran the ball down the throats of the supposed best defense in the NFL and beat the Steelers at Heinz Field 29-22, making things very interesting in the AFC North, as Cleveland held off the Bills 8-0. The Browns and Steelers now have 9-5 records at the tyop of their division, with Pittsburgh having a leg up in tiebreakers.

Oh yeah, and Brett Favre is now the leading passer in yardage in NFL history, surpassing the record owned by Dan Marino today in a winning effort as Green Bay manhandled the Lambs in St. Louis.


Saturday NFL Action

There is only one NFL game tomorrow and that is the only reason to watch it. The Bengals at 49ers game probaly won’t be one of those classic matches that make you call your buddies to make sure they are watching it. No, these two teams have been huge disappointments for their cities, their fans and even some people who’ve never even heard of them until now.

The brass at Niners headquarters should understand that they need to change their offensive philosophy if they want Alex Smith to succeed at the quarterback position in San Francisco. The brass at Bengals HQ must understand that the head coach of their team has lost his way with the players and they need to get someone in there who can bring this group together while they still have all the talent they now possess at key positions. Oh yeah, and a little defense won’t hurt, either.

Easy for me to say from the comfort of my mental Learjet, I know. As it stands, the crew at the FanYard believe the visiting Bengals will win this game tomorrow. The Yardstick favors them by six points.


John Madden Can Be Funny (No, Really)

Last night, John Madden actually made me laugh out loud. In a good way, I mean. Like, with him, not at him.  It was fun. I felt we connected in a father-son type fashion that made me all warm inside, like I’d rediscovered an old friend and everything was just like it used to be. It was much better than the awful announcing he usually spews.

Last night, when Philip Rivers fumbled a snap and John remarked that the snap was something that just should not be fumbled, I wondered where he was going to go with it. He went on to say that snapping the ball is just plain automatic. There is no excuse for messing up the snap, I mean, the quarterback is there, his hands are ready and the ball is in your hands, and you just put it up there and, boom, go do the rest of your job.


“Even back in college…no, before college, high school…or at any level of football, you don’t do that. And they fumbled the snap twice last week in Minnesota. I went to a game – a- a – high school game last night and, I mean, they didn’t fumble a snap. It should be like brushing your teeth. It’s just something you do that you don’t think about and just get it done and move on. I mean, when you’re brushing your teeth, you aren’t thinking about it. You aren’t wondering what to do. It’s just automatic – you don’t stick the brush in your eye.”

That almost had me in tears. Just like this game going on behind me between the San Francisco 49ers at the Seattle Seahawks, with the Hawks up by 17 and the Niners looking more like a high-school team with no teeth, brushed or not. It stinks, and my eyes are watering even though I have my back turned. Make that 24-0 now. Ouch.

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