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Dallas Cowboys: Will They Keep Jason Garrett or Wade Phillips?

According to a report on ESPN, the Baltimore Ravens have asked Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett to be their new head coach after they fired Brian Billick for being out of his league and living on undeserved accolades from years ago. Word on the street says that Garrett has yet to make a decision.

I have a feeling he won’t have to: Jerry Jones will offer him the head coaching job with the Cowboys if he will stay on, firing Wade Phillips in the process.

Now, this is all on gut feeling and I know there are others out there who feel the same way, especially after the Cowboys became the first top NFC team to lose in the Divisional round of the playoffs in modern-day NFL history. Someone has to pay for that, and the top man has proven himself to be, like Marty Schottenheimer, a postseason loser.

Phillips is now 0-4 in the playoffs. Marty has won five games in the postseason, but he has had 18 chances – and two of those wins came with Joe Montana and Marcus Allen playing together for the Chiefs. I have those games on tape and I am pretty sure they just stopped listening to Marty in order to win. If that was the case, Schottenheimer has not won a playoff game on his own merits since 1990. That’s only 18 years, right? Yeah, he’ll get another chance real soon. Madness.

Even Phillips has admitted that he was surprised to get another shot at being an NFL head coach after his sessions of futility while masquerading as the head coach of the Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills made it abundantly clear – apparently to anyone not named Jerry Jones – that giving Wade Phillips command of an NFL team is simply to watch the Peter Principle play out before your eyes. It is a waste of the talents of people like Tony Romo and Terrell Owens, and no one wants to see Owens all teary-eyed. (By no one, I mean everyone except Cowboys fans; and I especially mean fans of the 49ers and Eagles.)


The article linked to in the previous paragraph talks about Norv Turner, the first-year head coach in San Diego, who is going to give an excellent example of an entire team displaying the meaning of the Peter Principle when the Chargers visit New England this weekend to play the undefeated Patriots on their home turf, Gillette Field.

Still, hats off to Turner for getting his team into the AFC Championship game. He has made some great calls in these playoffs and pretty much everything has panned out very well for him. Color me surprised, but happily so. I love being wrong about someone sucking. I want everyone in the NFL to be great. How could you not, as a fan?

Anyway, read what 41 Miles To Freedom says about the hiring of Wade Phillips in Dallas back in July of last year and you’ll get a glimpse into the thought processes that can sway an otherwise sound mind into the illogical notion that, “Hey, maybe Phillips will do just fine.”

So, now Jerry Jones has two choices, really. Both of which will cause him at least a measure of stress and losing face. He can keep Phillips and lose Garrett in the process; a decision that will bring the ire of intelligent football fans from throughout the Lone Star State. Or, he can cut Phillips and make Garrett his new head coach; in effect admitting that he should probably have hired Garrett instead of Phillips last year.

While the second option will placate the fans, at least for now – such a fickle bunch are they – perhaps Jones is smarter than we know. It is entirely possible that, like the four other head coaches mentioned in this piece, Garrett will not be a good head coach and Jones knows this. After all, not many people have been around football and management as long as Jones. (Don’t bring up the obviously insane Al Davis.)

Still, Garrett would only have to be better than Wade Phillips to be the better choice and that can’t be all that hard. Phillips seems to have brought the fun back to the Cowboys and Garrett is given tons of credit for bringing their level of play up a notch. Solution: Keep both, but have Phillips as a sort of team leader / cheerleader-type thing.

This story should be interesting however it plays out.



Early NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions

A quick, early look at the Yardsticks for this weekend’s NFL Divisional Playoff matchups reveals very few surprises, except for the closeness of FanYard user opinion on the Giants at Cowboys game. Up to this point, which is obviously a bit early in the week, the Packers are favored to win by six points over the Seahawks; the Patriots are favored to win by eleven over the Jaguars; the Colts are favored to win by nine over the Chargers, and the Cowboys are slim, one-point favorites to beat the Giants of New York.


Last night’s BCS National Championship game was correctly called by FanYard users, as the LSU Tigers erased an early 10-point deficit to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes by a final score of 38-24.


Sunday Wild Card Action


The New York Giants got the playoffs off on the right foot, with a little thanks to Gruden and Garcia for being rusty in Tampa Bay, and beat the Buccaneers 24-14 in sunny Florida. That sets up next week’s NFC Divisional playoffs and means the G-men will have to go into Dallas and beat the Cowboys if they are going to make it to the conference game. In Green Bay, the Packers will play host once again to Matt Hasselbeck, Mike Holmgren and the rest of the Seahawks.

In the third quarter in San Diego, the Titans are ahead 6-3 and LT is being shown pouting on the sidelines. Some people think that is a good thing, as it means he cares. I think it makes him look silly, but hey – he’s the one making millions and winning rushing titles, so he can sit there on TV with his bottom lip hanging down like Eli’s and staring angrily into space if he wants. The Yardstick for this game calls for a Chargers seven-point victory.


Monday Night Football Predictions – Broncos at Chargers

The San Diego Chargers have more to play for in Week 17 of the 2007 NFL regular season than they would like. But, considering the fact that ten weeks ago it looked like they would fall prey to Norv Turner’s lack of coaching abilities, they should just be happy that they have a division crown and a chance to be in the playoffs at all. It will be a testament to the futility of having Marty Schottenheimer on the sidelines in a playoff game if the Chargers manage to win even one postseason matchup this year.


The biggest reason the Chargers have to win this game is to try to avoid having to meet the Jacksonville Jaguars in their first playoff game in January. They would much, much rather have the Titans – who are in the postseason, somehow, with a victory over the Indianapolis Colts backup squad next Sunday night – or the Browns, who are in the playoffs no matter what they do next week; the Browns need the Titans to lose to make the playoffs.

The Denver Broncos will finish the season in a disappointing fashion, but hardly unexpected. Quarterback Jay Cutler might have the goods and he might not, but it was obvious from last year’s pretty decent performances that he needs a bit more time to develop before we are to know for sure.

The Yardstick for this Monday Night Football game favors the Chargers by eight points, at the time of writing.


John Madden Can Be Funny (No, Really)

Last night, John Madden actually made me laugh out loud. In a good way, I mean. Like, with him, not at him.  It was fun. I felt we connected in a father-son type fashion that made me all warm inside, like I’d rediscovered an old friend and everything was just like it used to be. It was much better than the awful announcing he usually spews.

Last night, when Philip Rivers fumbled a snap and John remarked that the snap was something that just should not be fumbled, I wondered where he was going to go with it. He went on to say that snapping the ball is just plain automatic. There is no excuse for messing up the snap, I mean, the quarterback is there, his hands are ready and the ball is in your hands, and you just put it up there and, boom, go do the rest of your job.


“Even back in college…no, before college, high school…or at any level of football, you don’t do that. And they fumbled the snap twice last week in Minnesota. I went to a game – a- a – high school game last night and, I mean, they didn’t fumble a snap. It should be like brushing your teeth. It’s just something you do that you don’t think about and just get it done and move on. I mean, when you’re brushing your teeth, you aren’t thinking about it. You aren’t wondering what to do. It’s just automatic – you don’t stick the brush in your eye.”

That almost had me in tears. Just like this game going on behind me between the San Francisco 49ers at the Seattle Seahawks, with the Hawks up by 17 and the Niners looking more like a high-school team with no teeth, brushed or not. It stinks, and my eyes are watering even though I have my back turned. Make that 24-0 now. Ouch.

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Week 7 NFL Recap: FanYard vs. Pyle of List

These were some kinda crazy games, and we both made a couple very nice calls here. Read more to find out who between us made the better picks in NFL Week 7. Remember, like the Yardstick, we have to pick the correct NFL team and we want to be as close as possible to the amount of points that team wins by, without going over with our pick. Jon from Pyle of List is our fellow combatant. See what he thinks of Chris Berman.

BB: Patriots by 14 over Dolphins:

JP: Pats by 11 over Dolphins:

The Pats could only manage a 21-point victory over the finless Dolphins even after Ronnie Brown went down for the season? I can only imagine that Belichick has not been able to sleep a wink over his decision to sit Brady for a while in the second half. Unconscionable. One more notch on the Yardstick.


BB: Saints by 3 over Falcons:

JP: Saints by 7 over Falcons:

Juuusst a little bit over by Jon here, as the Saints marched over the backs of the Falcons by six points, not seven. So close, but still, I know he’s smilin’ at the fact that Joey’s back. BB up by two.

BB: Cowboys by 6 over Vikings:

JP: ‘Boys by 10 over Vikings:

Can you say, “Right on the money!” I knew you could. Jon gets two for a direct hit and we’re tied up, just like that.

BB: Giants by 7 over 49ers:

JP: Giants by 1 over 49ers:

Apparently Jon has more faith in the Niners than the FanYard players who help us find the Yardstick. But no one thought it would go this badly. Giants get an 18 point win, and I get one more point.

BB: Ravens by 3 over Bills:

JP: Bills by 4 over Ravens:

Color me impressed with this pick. Jon was almost bang-on again, as the Bills beat the Ravens by five at home. Tied up again.


BB: Steelers by 5 over Broncos:

JP: Steelers by 14 over Broncos:

No winners here, as the Broncos surprised the Yardstick, me, Jon and even themselves, with their third last-second field goal victory; it is the only type of win they have had all year.

BB: Eagles by 3 over Bears:

JP: Bears by 1 over Eagles:

Another nice pick here by JP, as the Bears won on an amazing final drive by Brian Griese, who called his own plays.

BB: Titans by 2 over Texans:

JP: Titans by 4 over Texans:

Yes, there was a ton of field goals in this game. Normally that is boring, right? Right. Except that this is the exception that proves the rule, at least in the fourth quarter.

BB: Bengals by 6 over Jets:

JP: Bengals by 3 over the Jets:

Almost bang on again, but the seven-point win by the Bengals is still good for one more precious point.

BB: Redskins by 6 over Cardinals:

JP: Cardinals by 6 over ‘Skins:

The two-point win by the Skins was not enough for points here, as they almost gave the game away in the second half.

BB: Seahawks by 7 over Rams:

JP: Rams by 3 over Seahawks:

I am not sure about the Rams making the playoffs anymore, man. They’ll have to play a little bit better if they want to save this season, that’s for sure. Meanwhile, the 27-point win in Seattle was overshadowed by a huge sale at Nordstrom’s and you can notch another point for Blake and the Yardstick.

BB: Lions by 2 over the Buccaneers:

JP: Lions by 6 over Bucs:

Jon’s call almost brought him within a point here, but I’m sure he’s gonna be happy with the one point he gets for almost exactly predicting this touchdown victory for the squad of miracles.


BB: Chiefs by 2 over Raiders:

JP: Raiders by 2 over Chiefs:

Now this, friends, was a nice, exact call to make, going against the favorite and taking a road dog while hitting the margin of victory right on. The Chiefs’ two-point win has them sitting in sole possession of first place in the AFC West. I am fine with being proven wrong about old Coach Hermie and I’ll take the two points, but I am pretty sure he is just elevating me enough to bring me down.

BB: Colts by 4 over Jags:

JP: Colts by 13 over Jags:

Nice call, JP, thinking the Colts would want to prove something. Well, they proved something all right. That they can play football very good and that Del Rio’s job was in jeopardy at the start of the season for good reason. Why is it that coaches seem to relish in making the worst decisions possible when playing the Colts? I guess Peyton really does screw with people’s minds. Maybe I should be giving the credit to Manning for the idiotic play-calling of Herm Edwards and Bill Billick for the lack of logic in their game plans against the Colts in last year’s playoffs, too.

Week 7 Points –

BB: 9
JP: 6

Total points –

BB: 30.5
JP: 23

Week 7 Record –

BB: 10-4
JP: 10-4

Overall Record –

BB: 46-25
JP: 42-29


Week Six FanYard vs. Pyle of List Results

Well, I am back on top after using the Yardstick as my guideline again this week! Still, the lead is not a comfortable one at just 4.5 points after six weeks. Back to Pyle of List for the Week 7 predictions, coming up this weekend! See the original NFL Week 6 Picks by clicking that link behind you.

BB: Ravens by 6 over Rams
JP: Ravens by 4 over Rams

Ravens win by 19. Winner: Blake. I called a shutout, but the Ravens allowed a field goal. Still, the Yardstick was closer than Jon’s call.

BB: Chargers by 7 over Raiders
JP: Chargers by 2 over Raiders

Chargers win by 14. Winner: Blake. The Yardstick of seven was halfway to being right on.

BB: Bengals by 5 over Chiefs
JP: Bengals by 6 over Chiefs

Chiefs win by 7. No winner, even though the Yardstick for this game had begun to fall, and was down to three by kickoff.

BB: Bears by 3 over Vikings
JP: Bears by 1 over Vikings

Vikings win by 3. No winner. Adrian Peterson won this game almost single-handedly.

BB: Patriots by 7 over Cowboys
JP: Patriots by 11 over Cowboys

Patriots win by 21. Winner: JP, and the Yardstick had even fallen by game time to six. No more doubting the Pats, mmm’kay? And next time little TO says to get your popcorn ready, he means to add, “- and go rent a movie, cuz I got nuthin’ for ya.”

BB: Titans by 3 over Bucs
JP: Titans by 7 over Bucs

Bucs win by 3. No winner. If only we’d known about Young’s quad and not forgotten about Garcia’s heart.

BB: Browns by 6 over Dolphins
JP: Browns by 7 over Dolphins

Browns win by 10. Winner: Jon was not only closer, but the Yardstick had also fallen for this game by kickoff, to five for the Browns.

BB: Jags by 3 over Texans
JP: Jags by 3 over Texans

Jags win by 20. Winner: Both!

BB: Seahawks by 5 over Saints
JP: Saints by 1 over Seahawks

Saints win by 11. Winner: Jon. Nice call by JP. Unfortunately, the game put me to sleep shortly after kickoff and I have not bothered to see what happened.

BB: Packers by 3 over Redskins
JP: Redskins by 3 over Packers

Packers win by 3. Winner: Blake. Dead on Yardstick for this game!

BB: Eagles by 5 over Jets
JP: Jets by 8 over Eagles

Eagles win by 7. Winner: Blake, even though the Yardstick had fallen to 3 by kickoff.

BB: Cardinals by 3 over Panthers
JP: Cardinals by 4 over Panthers

Panthers win by 15. No winner.

BB: Giants by 7 over Falcons
JP: Giants by 1 over Falcons

Giants win by 21. Winner: Blake. Wow, the best looking player in that game for Atlanta was Harrington and they’ve benched him because his receivers suck. Oh, and Tony Kornholer says he bets offshore all the time.

Week 6 Points-
BB: 5 1/2
JP: 3 1/2

Total Points-
BB: 21.5
JP: 17

Week 5 Record-
BB: 8-5
JP: 7-6

Overall Record-
BB: 36-21
JP: 32-25

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