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NFL Playoff Predictions: Giants at Dallas

The Giants lost their last regular season game, but it seems like it could have been the best thing that has happened to the team since Eli Manning stopped sucking all the time. While the Buccaneers rested their starters and then came out to play last week’s game against New York, but not until they woke up in the fourth quarter, the Giants were ready from the get-go and now they have the confidence of a team that feels like they can beat any team in the league. So, will that happen in Dallas? Can Eli win two playoff games in a row?

One thing that would certainly help their cause would be for Terrible Omens to be sidelined with that high ankle sprain from a few weeks ago. Chances? Slim. As one of our FanYard members, Maize, said about TO, “If he has spent the past three weeks trying to learn tight-rope walking over the jungles of Costa Rica, living off a diet of raw vegetables and nuts in the rain forest surrounding one of the big volcanoes, and catches a flight on Sunday morning back to Dallas where he hitchhikes to the stadium and does not even get time to shower, he will still be on the field for the first play his offense has in this game.”

Could not have said it better myself.

The rest of the FanYard crew has spoken as well, and they seem to mostly think that Tony Romo will be able to stop thinking about Jessica Simpson long enough to lead America’s Team to victory. The Yardstick for the game favors the Cowboys to win by three points, with only 39% believing the Giants will get another road win. Mmmm…America. Only here can Jessica Simpson become a prop for a sportsbook and a reason to read about football all in the same day. Thanks to Football Jabber for pointing that out to us.



***With ten minutes left in the game, the Indianapolis Colts just scored to go ahead of the San Diego Chargers by a score of 24-21 and Philip Rivers sat out the last series with an injured leg, it looked like. Bob Sanders was injured earlier, so that outta even things out, right? Yeah, right. Sanders is back on the field and the Chargers need Billy Volek to prove me wrong. Oh, yeah, and LaDainian Tomlinson is out, too. So, basically, it is Billy Volek and Chris Chambers trying beat the Colts now. Best of luck, guys.***

***UPDATE: Wow! The Chargers went downfield and scored to go up 28-24, led by Billy Volek and Michael Turner, and the Chargers held off the Indianapolis Colts in the last game to be played at the RCA Dome to win the game. The Chargers are in the AFC Championship game in New England next week, and the Patriots have to love the physical toll this game took on San Diego. A very surprised congrats to Norv Turner. 92% of FanYard said the Colts would win and the Yardstick for the game favored the Colts by eight.***


Early NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions

A quick, early look at the Yardsticks for this weekend’s NFL Divisional Playoff matchups reveals very few surprises, except for the closeness of FanYard user opinion on the Giants at Cowboys game. Up to this point, which is obviously a bit early in the week, the Packers are favored to win by six points over the Seahawks; the Patriots are favored to win by eleven over the Jaguars; the Colts are favored to win by nine over the Chargers, and the Cowboys are slim, one-point favorites to beat the Giants of New York.


Last night’s BCS National Championship game was correctly called by FanYard users, as the LSU Tigers erased an early 10-point deficit to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes by a final score of 38-24.


More NFL Week 15 Upsets

As I mentioned earlier, there were a ton of upsets this week. The early week games, the early Sunday games, and then the late afternoon and evening games today kept the dogs howling. There were just three afternoon games today, but the one that will have everyone talking is the Eagles at Cowboys game, where the Eagles walked into Texas Stadium and handed Dallas just their second loss of the season, beating the home team 10-6. Tony Romo had an awful day, most likely due to the fact that the Jumbotron kept showing his new girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, in her white and pink Cowboys jersey. I’ve never wanted one so bad.

The Packers are now tied at 12-2 with Dallas for the NFC lead. Dallas owns the tiebreaker, but need to maintain their placement or else the NFC Championship game could go through Green Bay. Not a friendly place in late January.

In the evening game, it was the Washington Redskins at the Giants. With Todd Collins starting for the first time in 10 years and 2 days – the longest time between starts for a quarterback in NFL history – Joe Gibbs and his team weathered a horrible day for the G-men and came away with an 18-point win, 22-10, keeping them in the NFC playoff berth hunt. Eli Manning threw 34 completions, the most since Joe Namath threw 36 in 1967. To be fair, his receivers looked like high school first-timers most of the night, dropping at least eight, if not ten, passes that should definitely have been caught. Jeremy Shockey went down with a broken leg in the game.

As one might expect, the FanYard crew had the Yardstick for each of these games favoring the losing squad. A rare bad day / week.


NFL Questions & Answers: Rest of the 2007 Season

1) Will the Patriots go undefeated?
Yes, the Patriots will go undefeated. Have you seen them play this year? Anyone else? No one even comes close, although Pittsburgh could put up the best fight…just because they do that sort of thing.

2) Will the Dolphins win a game?
Well, let’s see who they have coming up: At the Eagles this week, loss. At the Steelers on MNF, yeah right. A-ha! This might be it! At home on December 2nd, against the Jets. That is the one game this season that Miami has a chance in. You see, Kellen Clemons could be the second coming of Cleo Lemon. In which case the Dolphins might win with John Beck. It would be cool, though, to see a Cleo Lemon / Kellen Clemons duel. Try saying that sentence three times, real fast-like.

3) Will Ricky Williams get stoned before the end of the season?
The answer is yes, people. Real stoned.


4) What will be the biggest Yardstick of the year?
December 16th, when the New York Jets visit the New England Patriots. That will be the biggest Yardstick, maybe for the next 50 years. I am thinking that game could end somewhere around, oh…79-3 in favor of the Patriots, to take them to 14-0 on the season. If Belichick runs up the score against Hall of Fame coaches like Joe Gibbs (and I don’t think it is wrong to do so, either), he will run that score like it is a marathon against his former friend-now mortal enemy, Eric Mangini (formerly Man-genius). Videogate fall-out. Tom Brady will throw nine touchdowns and run for two more. The Pats will go for two twice and make it both times, in the final 6 minutes of play. There will be no handshakes following the game.

5) Who is better, Packers or Cowboys?
It doesn’t matter. It’s the NFC.

Let’s hear what you think. Make a comment, don’t be shy. Belichick would do it!

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NBA and NCAA Basketball Are Here!

While those poor, cold, wet Englishmen were forced to watch what might have been the most boring NFL game of the 2007 season this far, there were some exciting things happen today. The biggest thing, of course, is that we now have NBA and NCAA Basketball live on FanYard!!

That is about the only thing that could make the NFL season even better for me, is having basketball ready to roll, too.

Man, we gotta start believing even more in those crazy Patriots. A 45-point win over the Redskins?? Wow! This upcoming Pats at Colts game will hopefully live up to even an ounce of the hype that has begun.


On another note, during the Red Sox win over the Rockies tonight (it is not over yet, but it may as well be), in the 8th inning, they are now reporting that Alex Rodriguez has decided to opt out of his contract with the Yankees. That means the Yankees do not receive the 21-million dollars that they would be due from the Texas Rangers. They have said they will not negotiate without that part of his contract, so it looks like A-Rod is going to be a free agent. With Boston winning this World Series, would they be willing to pay the quarter of a billion dollars or so it will take to bring in A-Rod next year. Hopefully he goes to Kansas City. That way, we a won’t have to hear the rumors anymore.


Week 7 NFL Recap: FanYard vs. Pyle of List

These were some kinda crazy games, and we both made a couple very nice calls here. Read more to find out who between us made the better picks in NFL Week 7. Remember, like the Yardstick, we have to pick the correct NFL team and we want to be as close as possible to the amount of points that team wins by, without going over with our pick. Jon from Pyle of List is our fellow combatant. See what he thinks of Chris Berman.

BB: Patriots by 14 over Dolphins:

JP: Pats by 11 over Dolphins:

The Pats could only manage a 21-point victory over the finless Dolphins even after Ronnie Brown went down for the season? I can only imagine that Belichick has not been able to sleep a wink over his decision to sit Brady for a while in the second half. Unconscionable. One more notch on the Yardstick.


BB: Saints by 3 over Falcons:

JP: Saints by 7 over Falcons:

Juuusst a little bit over by Jon here, as the Saints marched over the backs of the Falcons by six points, not seven. So close, but still, I know he’s smilin’ at the fact that Joey’s back. BB up by two.

BB: Cowboys by 6 over Vikings:

JP: ‘Boys by 10 over Vikings:

Can you say, “Right on the money!” I knew you could. Jon gets two for a direct hit and we’re tied up, just like that.

BB: Giants by 7 over 49ers:

JP: Giants by 1 over 49ers:

Apparently Jon has more faith in the Niners than the FanYard players who help us find the Yardstick. But no one thought it would go this badly. Giants get an 18 point win, and I get one more point.

BB: Ravens by 3 over Bills:

JP: Bills by 4 over Ravens:

Color me impressed with this pick. Jon was almost bang-on again, as the Bills beat the Ravens by five at home. Tied up again.


BB: Steelers by 5 over Broncos:

JP: Steelers by 14 over Broncos:

No winners here, as the Broncos surprised the Yardstick, me, Jon and even themselves, with their third last-second field goal victory; it is the only type of win they have had all year.

BB: Eagles by 3 over Bears:

JP: Bears by 1 over Eagles:

Another nice pick here by JP, as the Bears won on an amazing final drive by Brian Griese, who called his own plays.

BB: Titans by 2 over Texans:

JP: Titans by 4 over Texans:

Yes, there was a ton of field goals in this game. Normally that is boring, right? Right. Except that this is the exception that proves the rule, at least in the fourth quarter.

BB: Bengals by 6 over Jets:

JP: Bengals by 3 over the Jets:

Almost bang on again, but the seven-point win by the Bengals is still good for one more precious point.

BB: Redskins by 6 over Cardinals:

JP: Cardinals by 6 over ‘Skins:

The two-point win by the Skins was not enough for points here, as they almost gave the game away in the second half.

BB: Seahawks by 7 over Rams:

JP: Rams by 3 over Seahawks:

I am not sure about the Rams making the playoffs anymore, man. They’ll have to play a little bit better if they want to save this season, that’s for sure. Meanwhile, the 27-point win in Seattle was overshadowed by a huge sale at Nordstrom’s and you can notch another point for Blake and the Yardstick.

BB: Lions by 2 over the Buccaneers:

JP: Lions by 6 over Bucs:

Jon’s call almost brought him within a point here, but I’m sure he’s gonna be happy with the one point he gets for almost exactly predicting this touchdown victory for the squad of miracles.


BB: Chiefs by 2 over Raiders:

JP: Raiders by 2 over Chiefs:

Now this, friends, was a nice, exact call to make, going against the favorite and taking a road dog while hitting the margin of victory right on. The Chiefs’ two-point win has them sitting in sole possession of first place in the AFC West. I am fine with being proven wrong about old Coach Hermie and I’ll take the two points, but I am pretty sure he is just elevating me enough to bring me down.

BB: Colts by 4 over Jags:

JP: Colts by 13 over Jags:

Nice call, JP, thinking the Colts would want to prove something. Well, they proved something all right. That they can play football very good and that Del Rio’s job was in jeopardy at the start of the season for good reason. Why is it that coaches seem to relish in making the worst decisions possible when playing the Colts? I guess Peyton really does screw with people’s minds. Maybe I should be giving the credit to Manning for the idiotic play-calling of Herm Edwards and Bill Billick for the lack of logic in their game plans against the Colts in last year’s playoffs, too.

Week 7 Points –

BB: 9
JP: 6

Total points –

BB: 30.5
JP: 23

Week 7 Record –

BB: 10-4
JP: 10-4

Overall Record –

BB: 46-25
JP: 42-29


Those Damn Hot Chicks

In our contest against the NFL predicting hotties over at Hot Chicks Hot Picks, we have fallen behind by one game after the second week. In Week 1 of this battle of the sexies, the ladies tied us up. We were helpless in our efforts to get ahead and both ended up with seven correct.

How this works is that ALIKAT pulls herself away from fighting with her bathroon contractors long enough to go through all the weekend’s NFL games and, using a point spread, pick the winners of each. We use the Yardstick and, depending on what you, the FanYard community has said en masse about the outcome of each game, make our picks using the same numbers as her.

If she takes Oakland to win, minus two points, but the Yardstick actually says Kansas City will win by at least two points, we would take Kansas City to win by at least two. Since the opposite side of the line she is using would be Kansas City plus two, we would take that side and go against her Oakland minus-two pick. This happened in one of the games this weekend, and the Chiefs did win by two. Perfection.

Unfortunately, it does not always work that way. In the Giants vs. Niners game, she had the Giants to win, minus nine points. The Yardstick for that game said that New York would win by seven or more. Since her line said nine, and ours said seven, we took the other side, which was San Fran plus nine points. Well, of course, the poor Niners offensive woes continued and they were whupped. The final score was NYG 33, SF 15. Add nine points to the Niners and we lose. Subtract nine from the G-men and they still win. Unnastand?


Those are two of the seven games we disagreed on and the Dallas / Minnesota game was a tie. The others:
1) The girls had Tennessee -1.5 and the Yardstick was set at a one-point Titans win. They won by two one a last-second record-breaking eight field goal by Roberto Bironas. Notch one for the chicks.
2) Chicks were taking the Redskins to win by at least 10, while we had them by just 6. That meant, we took the Cards plus 9.5 points, and when the Skins won by just two. Boom!
3) The Saints had the ladies in their pockets with nine points to shave, but they could only manage a 6-point victory. The Yardstick suggested just 3, so we won another point.
4) With Cincinnati getting 6.5 points taken away, this was a tough pill to swallow. The girls jumped on it and we had a Yardstick of 6 for the cats, so we passed. They won this battle.
5) The Seahawks had to win by more than eight for the girls to get a win and they won by 27! We saw at least a 7-point win, but it was not enough, and was the tie-breaker.

Last week’s score:
TheFanYard – 7-6
Hot Chicks – 7-6

This week’s score:
TheFanYard – 7-6-1
Hot Chicks – 6-7-1

Tomorrow we see how FanYard did in our competition with Jon from Pyle of List.

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