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Seattle Won’t Win, Won’t Play

With :15 second left in the first half and his Seattle Seahawks down 28-17 in their road playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, Mike Holmgren showed why he is a coach who was lucky to have won any Super Bowls, and why he likely will not win another no matter how talented of a team he is coaching. By taking a knee to run out the clock after his team had squandered an early 14-0 lead on two scores that came as a result of Ryan Grant’s two early lost fumbles, Holmgren once again demonstrated that he sometimes forgets football fundamentals and has almost no clue about the very existence of a small thing called time. They ran out the clock – with time-outs to spare.


I don’t know how to better express what a mistake this is, so I’ll quote Gregg Easterbrook from ESPNs Page 2:

“Then again, maybe Spenser, my 12-year-old, had the explanation. Trailing 10-0, the Redskins took possession on their 9 with 47 seconds remaining in the first half, holding three timeouts. Washington ran up the middle to kill the clock, not using its timeouts, and this led to some interesting tactical maneuvering in the closing seconds to prevent Seattle from attempting the extremely rare free kick after a fair catch. Anyway, when Spenser saw the Redskins had no intention of trying to score, despite a zero on the scoreboard and all three timeouts, he scoffed, “They’re sure to lose now.” And yea, verily, it came to pass. I don’t care if you are backed up on your 9, it’s a playoff game and you have no points. Try to score!”

Ever since the Super Bowl that Seattle lost to the Steelers, when they appeared to not realize there was even a game clock, Holmgren has seemed to have lost his edge. Unfortunately for his team, it gives them very little chance to live up to their potential.

The Yardstick for this game finalized favoring the Packers to win by six points. They have outscored the Seahawks 28-3 since going down by fourteen. Make the score 35-17 now. I could not even finish this piece before the Packers scored again. Seahawks…get rid of him.

***Update: Wow, is Babineaux ever fast. He just took Ryan Grant down from behind in almost blizzard conditions on a run where Grant set the Packers post-season record for rush yards in a game. He now has 167 on 20 carries, with two touchdowns. Talk about making up for those two fumbles.

In Holmgren news, the offense, backed up in their own end and with 18 yards to go on first down, called an Alexander run, which got maybe a yard. Dumb call, if you are trying to get a first down, anyway – which is the point isn’t it. Green bay allowed seven runs of 20+ yards in 424 attempts during the season. That’s less than one in sixty. Might as well try, though, hey what?

Oh…make it 42-20 and give Ryan 169 and three scores. If Grant had celebrated his third score by making a snow angel, would he get fined by the NFL for using a prop?




More NFL Week 15 Upsets

As I mentioned earlier, there were a ton of upsets this week. The early week games, the early Sunday games, and then the late afternoon and evening games today kept the dogs howling. There were just three afternoon games today, but the one that will have everyone talking is the Eagles at Cowboys game, where the Eagles walked into Texas Stadium and handed Dallas just their second loss of the season, beating the home team 10-6. Tony Romo had an awful day, most likely due to the fact that the Jumbotron kept showing his new girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, in her white and pink Cowboys jersey. I’ve never wanted one so bad.

The Packers are now tied at 12-2 with Dallas for the NFC lead. Dallas owns the tiebreaker, but need to maintain their placement or else the NFC Championship game could go through Green Bay. Not a friendly place in late January.

In the evening game, it was the Washington Redskins at the Giants. With Todd Collins starting for the first time in 10 years and 2 days – the longest time between starts for a quarterback in NFL history – Joe Gibbs and his team weathered a horrible day for the G-men and came away with an 18-point win, 22-10, keeping them in the NFC playoff berth hunt. Eli Manning threw 34 completions, the most since Joe Namath threw 36 in 1967. To be fair, his receivers looked like high school first-timers most of the night, dropping at least eight, if not ten, passes that should definitely have been caught. Jeremy Shockey went down with a broken leg in the game.

As one might expect, the FanYard crew had the Yardstick for each of these games favoring the losing squad. A rare bad day / week.


Upset Week in the NFL

Lots of upsets this week, starting with the Thursday night game when the Houston Texans beat the Denver Broncos 31-13, then continuing last night when Shaun Hill stepped up in his first NFL start to lead the 49ers to a 20-13 victory over the Bengals. The Yardstick had called for three- and seven-point wins for the Broncos and Bengals, respectively.

Today, the trend went on.

The Panthers beat the NFC West-champion Seahawks 13-10, an indication of the weakness of the NFC West division in general. Then, the Miami Dolphins scored on a 64-yard toucgdown pass by Cleo Lemon in OT to beat the Ravens and grab their first victory of the 2007 NFL season. Should Billick be fired?

In Pittsburgh, in the wind and snow, the Jacksonville Jaguars ran the ball down the throats of the supposed best defense in the NFL and beat the Steelers at Heinz Field 29-22, making things very interesting in the AFC North, as Cleveland held off the Bills 8-0. The Browns and Steelers now have 9-5 records at the tyop of their division, with Pittsburgh having a leg up in tiebreakers.

Oh yeah, and Brett Favre is now the leading passer in yardage in NFL history, surpassing the record owned by Dan Marino today in a winning effort as Green Bay manhandled the Lambs in St. Louis.


Favre, Romo, TO…Driver?

Still, the Yardstick for the Packers at Cowboys game sways like a flag in the NFC air. It is favoring the Packers now by one point, again. I can’t wait to see this one play out. That’s right, I can’t wait. In fact, I am going to teleport into the future…now. Alright, maybe later.

If any of you want your own sports blog-type thing, or would like to set up a page of your own on a site, where you can filter in sports info and news on teams, players, cities and more, you should check out FanNation. I went in there yesterday, just looking around, and before I knew it, I had set up a personal blog, a FanYard group blog and had written two posts. That was before I even knew what I was doing, really. It is pretty cool, and all free. Check it out. It has Sports Illustrated and CNN behind it, so you know it is going to be around for a while. And with the filtered info you get, your picks might get even better on FanYard. Win – win situation, really.


11-1 For Favre or Romo?

Three times I have checked in the past few hours at the Yardstick for Thursday’s Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys game, and three times it has been different. Earlier, the home team Cowboys were favored by one point, then it was the Packers favored by one point. Now, I check, and we are sitting at EVEN.

It is that kind of game, looking ahead, as most of the conversations I have had about it seem to be undecided. Hopefully, the game will live up to expectations. I got a good feeling. Not as good as John Madden will when he watches these two on the same field, but good nonetheless.


Internet Server Issues (Fixed)

Some of you may notice that the FanYard site is slow loading, or does not load at all, intermittently today. We apologize for the inconvenience. There seems to be an issue with the internet in the part of the U.S. where our servers reside, which has been noted and is being looked into. We appreciate your patience while we look into this matter and we hope to have it resolved very soon.

Everything seems to be back on track now. Again, thanks for your patience!

Enjoy the Green Bay at Denver game tonight. The Yardstick is calling for a Packers win by at least a field goal. Let’s see if Favre can toss his first-ever touchdown in Denver with Champ Bailey and Dre’ Bly waiting on the wings to pick him off. If they play, that is. Bailey is listed as doubtful, which would bode well for Donald Driver in my fantasy league!


Favre Gets Koren Robinson Back

Not that the Green Bay passing game has been bad, but the immenent return of Koren Robinson, just reinstated by the NFL, should be a boost for the team. Brett Favre has lobbied hard for the allowance of his friend to return, and now Koren has been given what will surely be his last chance.

The last time KR got booted out of the league, it was for fleeing cops in Minnesota while a Viking.  When Minny dropped him, the Packers swept him up, hoping for some leniency from the NFL brass. There was none, and he was rightfully suspended for a year. At the time of the incident, he was serving probation for a DUI in Washington state. Apparently driving over 100 mph away from cops was a violation of said probation.


As it stands, he can return immediately to practice as he is serving the final 45 days of his sentence (he is serving a couple jail sentences at the same time) on electronic monitoring. He allowed to go to work, church and school. His foot will be blown off if he walks into a bar.

Hopefully this does not take away catches from Donald Driver, who is rocking my fantasy league. He won’t this week anyway, as Green Bay is on their bye in Week 7 of the 2007 NFL season.

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