John Madden Can Be Funny (No, Really)

Last night, John Madden actually made me laugh out loud. In a good way, I mean. Like, with him, not at him.  It was fun. I felt we connected in a father-son type fashion that made me all warm inside, like I’d rediscovered an old friend and everything was just like it used to be. It was much better than the awful announcing he usually spews.

Last night, when Philip Rivers fumbled a snap and John remarked that the snap was something that just should not be fumbled, I wondered where he was going to go with it. He went on to say that snapping the ball is just plain automatic. There is no excuse for messing up the snap, I mean, the quarterback is there, his hands are ready and the ball is in your hands, and you just put it up there and, boom, go do the rest of your job.


“Even back in college…no, before college, high school…or at any level of football, you don’t do that. And they fumbled the snap twice last week in Minnesota. I went to a game – a- a – high school game last night and, I mean, they didn’t fumble a snap. It should be like brushing your teeth. It’s just something you do that you don’t think about and just get it done and move on. I mean, when you’re brushing your teeth, you aren’t thinking about it. You aren’t wondering what to do. It’s just automatic – you don’t stick the brush in your eye.”

That almost had me in tears. Just like this game going on behind me between the San Francisco 49ers at the Seattle Seahawks, with the Hawks up by 17 and the Niners looking more like a high-school team with no teeth, brushed or not. It stinks, and my eyes are watering even though I have my back turned. Make that 24-0 now. Ouch.

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2 Responses to “John Madden Can Be Funny (No, Really)”

  1. November 13, 2007 at 5:37 am

    John has his moments of ridiculous hilarity (usually due to my beer).

    I would love an NFl schedule on my blog!

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